Available now is one of the original Model 1000 fork mounts. The mount features a 19.5 inch RA worm gear (464 teeth, 24 pitch). The fork has a swing through of 30.7 inch. The fork arm separation is 26 inches, which can be modifed with machined spacers. The mount will accommodate an 18 to 24 inch telescope.

This mount is ideal for an amateur with some background in telescope making. The declination axis has a tangent arm for slow motion control. To upgrade the mount to full computer control, we recommend using the Servo II control from Sidereal Technology. The declination axis can be upgraded with a 12-inch or 15-inch worm gear. As needed, we can assist the new owner with drive gears and motor components to moderize the mount for serious observation.

This Model 1000 fork mount, paired with a large Cassegrain or compact Newtonian, is ideal for the private observatory . Please send E-mail for further details and information.

Price: $7,200